Who We Are.

CBT brings together the best and brightest problem solvers to focus on where your organization wants to go and how to get there. With more than 200 consultants – experienced top-level executives, university administrators, organizational experts – we identify the issues that hinder or elevate organizations, customize practical solutions, and build buy-in to help you achieve success.

Our divisions – CBT University and Community College – bring the skills, experience and brainpower of respected experts in organizational excellence to your doorstep. Let us in and see great things happen.

Our Approach

In order to provide the best resources, we hand pick and allocate consultants to each case based on their expertise and your organization’s needs. Our experts bring perspective and craft solutions to help you tackle complex problems and identify workable solutions.

Because our expertise stretches across universities and community colleges, we can offer a hybrid approach – building the right team for your unique needs and goals.

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CBT’s University Consulting Division is led by James Walton and Patrick McCallum. James has extensive background in university administration, culture, strategic planning, and economic development. Patrick is the founder of CBT’s parent company with over 30 years experience in higher education consulting, management, policy development and government relations.  Lori King is CBT’s Director of Operations and can be reached at lori@cbtconsult.com.

On the CBT University Consulting Executive Board sits David Shulenburger, Patrick McCallum, James Zuiches, Joan Leitzel, C. Peter Magrath, Linda Pratt, and Gene Lucas. They all oversee the customized consulting teams to ensure they are tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Community College:

CBT College Consulting is led by James Walton and Patrick McCallum, Chief Consultant Rocky Young, Executive Project Leader George BoggsDavid Shulenburger, and Pamela Lopez. With each bringing decades of experience to the table, they directly oversee the customized consulting teams to ensure they meet the specific needs of each client.

CBT Founder, Patrick McCallum, is a respected policy strategist with 33 years experience solving complex issues in higher education and other industries, and developing relationships with workforce development directors at community colleges and universities. He is president of CBT and its divisions: CBT College Brain Trust, CBT University Consulting, and CBT Corporate Consulting. He also founded and serves as president of McCallum Group, Inc., a highly-respected lobbying firm and government relations firm.

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