Rationales and Successes in Extramural Senior Faculty Hires

The provost of a Carnegie Doctoral/Research university requested that CBT UC prepare a report on key rationales and successes in peer institutions involved in the hiring of extramural senior faculty members, especially in cases of targeted university initiatives. The report, prepared by a CBT consultant who is a former provost of research universities in the South and Southwest, included case studies for the following situations in aspirant peer institutions:

  • A departmental unit on the cusp of prominence in a particular research area needed senior faculty leadership to help take the unit to the next level.
  • A university donor wanted to invest in a particular area of study but the institution did not have the talent to mount a relevant first-class effort.
  • An institution had many elements in place to bring a desired interdisciplinary initiative to fruition but the effort needed a senior leader who had a successful track record in developing organizational structures and collaborations to meet the institution’s goals.
  • Institutional leadership wished to not only reinvest in an established curricular, research, and engagement focus but also hoped to expand its mission to include interdisciplinary efforts and programs.
  • An international study-abroad opportunity required a unique set of curricular, scholarly, and public engagement efforts to address expansion ambitions.

The client provost was particularly pleased to have the opportunity to present the test cases to the University’s board that had had limited exposure to the types of situations described in the CBT UC report.